JServers Node Hosting

At JServers we are JUST Servers.  We Host your virtual Nodes to stake your Incognito Privacy crypto-currency (PRVs).
A fair and honest service that provides to provide you the ability to stake a full server without the hassle of finding a compatible VPS, configure and monitor.
JServers also provides pools to share in by providing a percentage of the stake, so even if you don't have a full amount to stake you can  be earning.
Just enthusists, validators and IT folks.


Shared Node Pools

Don't have the full Stake amount? 
No Problem.  Buy-in for as little as 10% of the normal stake.  On our weekly payouts you receive your buy-in percent of the earnings.  At payout you can request to end the service and receive your buy-in plus final earnings.


Managed Nodes

We manage your node to keep you running for maximum earnings.  No hassle hosting, we do all the setup configuration.  Each week you get a report on earnings and payouts.


Full Node hosting

Need hosting but want to have 24/7 access to your earnings? 
We have you covered.  
For an upfront price we will host your node with our top-notch service from your wallet.


Incognito Crypto

The premier Privacy Crypto-Currency. 


Most Popular
94% payout 
6% fee
based on share earnings per week
  • Buy-in for as little as 10% (175  PRV)  of stake value (1750 PRV), and start earning your staked percent of the earnings.  
  • Roll your earnings back in to gain percent of earnings, expand it to additional nodes or just take your payout each week.
  • At any weekly payout, you can request to have your buy-in stake returned along with your final earnings to end your services.  No contract, commitment or hassle.


  100% payout
after 3.30USDC fee
per week pre-paid
  • We will setup the Node with your credentials, so you have full control of your node.   No one has access to your earnings, and you can access them at anytime.   No waiting for weekly payouts, your crypto on your schedule.
  • You pay up front for each week.
  • No hassle hosting

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Who Are We

We maybe a lot like you.  Does this sound familar?
We have been around Crypto for several years, working with POW miners and dealing with the challenges of cost effective hosting.  POW mining is expensive and not good on the environment with large power needs, so we left.

Then we saw this POS technology that was designed for privacy, and was offering Nodes that validate transactions. 
However these were not the energy gobbling POW miners, but rather power efficient Nodes.  
To seal the deal, they are an open-source project and provided a way to run virtual Nodes on a Linux server.
We had to give it a try, and then we were hooked.  

A virtual Node is not as easy as the Incognito
, plug-n-play,  physical Nodes.  Now we saw a hurdle that many would have difficulties addressing.   This was magnified by the fact it was not easy to initially get the crypto needed, PRVs, to load the stake value needed to earn from these virtual Nodes.   

Now we saw a community needing help to unit and provide a means for groups to pool their resources to start a Node.
We found some great founding members that have given us trust and help to verify we were providing a needed and positive service to the community.